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2020 Lab Alumni

Julia headshot.jpg

Julia Kaufman, Ph.D.

Julia completed her predoctoral internship at the Atlanta VAHSC. She will be moving to Boston for her post-doctoral fellowship. Julia developed expertise in the long-term impact of child maltreatment. Specifically, she examined recovery and resiliency in the context of childhood maltreatment. She also has an interest in using qualitative methods to better understand the experiences of adult survivors of childhood maltreatment.

Dissertation Title:

A Person-Centered Approach to Identifying Common and Unique Impacts of Different Psychological Maltreatment Experiences

Alex defended_summer2020.jpg

A. Alex McConnell,


Alex completed their internship at the Durham VAHSC, and is currently working at the PTSD Clinic at the Nebraska VAHSC in Omaha. Alex developed expertise in mechanisms of risk for sexual trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among sexual minority women, using a minority stress-informed approach. They are also interested in examining mediators of the relationship between sexual trauma and PTSD.

Dissertation Title:

Understanding Sexual Revictimization Risk for Bisexual Women within a Minority Stress Framework

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