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Undergraduate Honors Theses (N=24)

Each Summer Scholar Award (n = 10) included a $400 grant to the student and a $600 grant to the advisor;

each Dean’s Scholar Award (n = 7) included a $750 grant to the student and a $750 grant to the advisor.


Sarah Pankratz, Departmental Honors (2021) 

Sexual Assault and Dissociation

Hannah Woods, Departmental Honors (2017)

PTSD, shame, thought suppression, and dissociation as predictors of

alexithymia among survivors of lifetime sexual violence.


Kelsey Straub, Departmental Honors, Dean’s Scholar (2015-16)

Interpersonal and emotion-focused mediators of sexual revictimization in college women.

Katelyn Palmer, Departmental Honors, Summer Scholar (2014-15)

The role of lifetime sexual victimization in bulimia pathology:

A focus on affective instability and nonacceptance.

Hannah Espeleta, Departmental Honors, Summer Scholar (2013-14)

Emotion dysregulation mediates the link between child abuse and romantic attachment difficulties.

Taylor Ross, University Honors, Dean’s Scholar (2013-14). 

The role of self-blame in sexual revictimization:

Impact on PTSD and alcohol use mediators.

Amanda Withrow, Departmental Honors (2012-13).

The role of diminished sexual control in the impact of unwanted sexual experiences

on risky sexual behavior in college women.

Emily Philips-Roth, Dean’s Scholar, Summer Scholar, University & Departmental Honors (2010-11).

Coping and enhancement drinking motives in female college drinkers:

Patterns of alcohol use, problems, and risky behavior.

Nicole Sheffer, Departmental Honors (2009-10).

Alcohol- and sex-related variables impact college women’s risk perception in a hypothetical scenario.

Melissa Roemmele, Dean’s Scholar, Departmental Honors (2008-9).

The Role of Early Maladaptive Schemas in the Risky Sexual Behavior of Female Child Abuse Survivors.

Misti Rogers, Departmental Honors (2008-9).

“I Hooked Up Last Night”:

Understanding College Women’s Definitions of the Hook-Up.

Emily Lambrecht, Departmental Honors (2008-9).

Does cognitive dissonance impact alcohol-facilitated sexual behavior

and sexual assault in college women?

Erika L. Kelley, Summer Scholar (2007), Dean’s Scholar (2008), University Honors (2008-9).

Women’s Conceptualization of Their Unwanted Sexual Experiences:

How Labeling Influences Risky Sexual Behavior

Alison J. Kaiser, Summer Scholar, Departmental Honors (2007-8).

Emotion Dysregulation and Sex Motives Predict Risky Sexual Behavior

and Sexual Victimization in College Women

Sarah Griffeth, Summer Scholar, Departmental Honors (2006-7).

Child Maltreatment, Parental Bonding and Emotion Dysregulation

as Predictors of Borderline Symptoms in a Sample of College Women

Erin E. Bybee, Dean’s Scholar, Departmental Honors (2005-6).

Identity as an Explanatory Factor of the Relation Between

Maladaptive Childhood Experiences and Bulimic Behaviors in College Women

Mai Foerster, Summer Scholar (2004).

Interpersonal Schemas & Revictimization among CSA Survivors

Carrie Johnson, Summer Scholar, Departmental Honors (2003-2004).

Differential Correlates of Rape, Attempted Rape, and Sexual Coercion among College Women

Amanda Spector, University Honors (2003-4).

The Impact of Psychological Maltreatment on Self-Concept and Revictimization Among College Women

Stephanie L. Calmes, Departmental Honors (2003).

Affect Dysregulation and the Use of Tension-Reducing Behaviors in Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Sara Nelson, Departmental Honors (2003).

The Construct of Psychopathy and Its Relationship to Criminal and Violent Behavior

Jaclyn Tooley, Departmental Honors (2003).

The Differential Impact of Characterological and Behavioral Self-Blame

in the Long-Term Adjustment of Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors

Allison E. Scheer, Summer Scholar & Dean’s Scholar, University Honors (2002-3).

Understanding the Impact of Sexual Victimization and Public Self-Consciousness on Eating Disorders

Diana L. Hickey, Departmental Honors (2002).

Optimistic Bias, Personal Vulnerability, Perceptions of Control, and Personal Experience Following the September 11th Terrorist Attacks: A Prospective Study of College Women

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