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Terri Messman, Ph.D.

Lab Director

Dr. Messman is interested in how interpersonal violence impacts the capacity for self-regulation. Recent research has focused on the role of mindfulness and self-compassion in relation to psychological outcomes associated with child maltreatment and sexual violence.


Nicole LaPlena, M.A.

Graduate Student

Nicole is interested in the impact of child maltreatment in adulthood. Her research aims to identify the relation between child maltreatment and mindfulness, as well as whether mindfulness is a resiliency factor for survivors of child maltreatment.

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Selime Salim,


Graduate Student


Selime is interested in risk factors for sexual violence among women, as well as factors that impact psychological adjustment following victimization. She is interested in examining the experiences of bisexual women, specifically, and how minority stressors impact risk for and recovery from victimization.  

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Seth Wilensky,

3rd Year Graduate Student

Seth is interested in the role of masculinity in the recovery of men who experienced child sexual abuse or sexual assault throughout their lifespan.

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Sanjana Conroy, B.A.

2nd Year Graduate Student

A second-year graduate student, Sanjana is the lab manager. They are currently developing the master's thesis proposal examining risk domains for revictimization among child maltreatment survivors, focused on interpersonal functioning, identity, and affect regulation. 

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1st Year Graduate Student 

Sam Glidewell,

Sam is a first-year graduate student who graduated with her B.S. in Psychology from the University of North Texas. She is currently developing ideas for her Master’s Thesis. Broadly she is interested in factors that contribute to negative posttrauma functioning in adulthood, including betrayal perceptions and self-compassion.

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