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Messman-Moore, Ph.D.

Lab Director

Dr. Messman-Moore is interested in how interpersonal violence impacts the capacity for self-regulation. Recent research has focused on the role of mindfulness and self-compassion in relation to psychological outcomes associated with child maltreatment and sexual violence.

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Nicole LaPlena, B.A.

Lab Manager, Graduate Student

Nicole is interested in the impact of child maltreatment in adulthood. Her research aims to identify the relation between child maltreatment and mindfulness, as well as whether mindfulness is a resiliency factor for survivors of child maltreatment.

Selime Salim,


Graduate Student

Selime is interested in risk factors for sexual violence among women, as well as factors that impact psychological adjustment following victimization. She is interested in examining the experiences of bisexual women, specifically, and how minority stressors impact risk for and recovery from victimization.  

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Julia Kaufman, M.A.

Graduate Student, Pre-Doctoral Intern

Julia is interested in the long-term impact of child maltreatment. Specifically, she examines recovery and resiliency in the context of childhood maltreatment. She also has interests in using qualitative methods to better understand the experiences of adult survivors of childhood maltreatment.

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Prachi Bhuptani, M.A.

Graduate Student

Prachi is interested in the experience of female survivors of sexual assault, particularly the role of shame in recovery. Her research aims to identify how shame may affect survivors when they receive negative reactions to disclosure of rape. 

Alex McConnell,


Graduate Student, Pre-Doctoral Intern

Alex is interested in mechanisms of risk for sexual trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among sexual minority women, using a minority stress-informed approach. They are also interested in examining mediators of the relation between sexual trauma and PTSD.

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