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Graduate Student Master’s Theses (N=19)

Sanjana Conroy, M.A. (2023)

 Maladaptive schemas, interpersonal behaviors and the link between

childhood psychological maltreatment and intimate partner sexual violence

Seth Wilensky, M.A. (2022)

The impact of masculine norm conformity on the relation

between sexual victimization, emotion regulation strategies, and sexual difficulties in men

Nicole LaPlena, M.A. (2021) 

The relation between child maltreatment and mindfulness:

The roles of severity, cumulative maltreatment, and minimization

Selime R. Salim, M.A. (2018)

Bisexual women’s experiences of stigma and verbal sexual coercion:

The role of internalized heterosexism and outness

Prachi H. Bhuptani, M.A. (2017)

A Roadmap to Depression among Rape Victims:

Rape-related Shame, Rumination, Experiential Avoidance and Revictimization.

Amy McConnell, M.A. (2016)

Beyond the Force-Substance Dichotomy: Examining the Experience of Combined and Incapacitated Type Rapes and their Relationship to PTSD Symptoms.

Natalie Cook, M. A. (2015)

I said no:

The impact of voicing non-consent on women’s perceptions of and responses to rape.

Sarah Barton, M.A. (2014)

An Interpersonal Framework for Revictimization:

Contributions of Impaired Self-Reference.

Lee Eshelman, M.A. (2014)

The Impact of Substance Use on Women’s Risk Perception and Risk for Sexual Revictimization:

A Prospective Moderated-Mediation Analysis.

Mary (Cat) Munroe, M. A. (2014)

The Association between Child Maltreatment and Adult Revictimization:

The Contributions of Early Maladaptive Schemas.

Shruti Dasgupta, M.A. (2013)

Understanding Revictimization: A Cluster Analytic Approach.

Julia Kaplinska, M.A. (2012)

Risk Recognition and Response in Relation to College Women’s Sexual Victimization:

The Context of Sex Motives

Rachel Chandley, M.A. (2011)

Anxiety Sensitivity, Emotion Dysregulation and

Drinking to Cope Among Undergraduate Women

Noga Zerubavel, M.A. (2010)

Barriers to Sexual Assertiveness in College Women:

A Focus on Fear of Sexual Powerlessness and Emotion Dysregulation

David Walker, M.A. (2006)

Impaired Sexual Assertiveness and Consensual Sexual Activity as Risk Factors

for Sexual Coercion in Heterosexual College Women

Prashant Banerjee, M.A. (2005)

Perfectionism as a Mediator of the Relationship between

Parental Overcontrol and Social Phobia Symptoms

Kathryn J. Gaffey, M.A. (2005)

Effects of Witnessing Interparental Violence and Marital Conflict

on Young Adult’s Interpersonal Relationships

Aubrey A. Beidatsch, M.A. (2005)

Emotion Dysregulation and Tension Reducing Behaviors

in Adult Survivors of Child Maltreatment

Kathleen A. DeNardi, M.A. (2005)

Consensual Sexual Behaviors and Experiences of College Women

Following a History of Child Sexual Abuse

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